2020 Pro Installation keeps failing

I always try to manually download and install the Visual C/C++ Runtime packages directly from Microsoft before running an installer for software that has a dependency on them.

Seems like the SketchUp installer has gotten caught in a vicious loop trying to install what it needs for the VC Runtime. This might have the runtime installer in a bad state.

So it may be that the VC Runtime need to be uninstalled and reinstalled manually.

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Installing using the MSI version can get around the C++ download issues. Try this file:


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I really appreciate the tip. I had to downgrade because I couldn’t risk losing any more time. It’s a dad gum shame. I’ve never had a problem with the software.

Sounds like a case of your C++ version not being up to date.

Why is this a problem? I always had pride that my machine was in good working order, but I don’t know what I did wrong. Since I can’t lose another entire day messing with it I had to downgrade to 2019 pro. I appreciate your expertise!

I’ll leave it to the Trimble employees to answer the “why”.

What I meant is that over the many years (since ~1986) that I’ve installed software into the MS Windows operating system, I’ve seen many hiccups when installers try to nest the installation of dependent libraries within the main task of installing the application.

I’ve gotten into the habit of exiting such an installer, and manually downloading and installing the dependent library (or necessary version update of it,) as a prerequisite to running the application installer.



I really appreciate your insight into all of this. Unless there is a serious benefit to 2020 Pro I probably will just stick with 2019. At least until they patch these issues, but then comes the hassle of upgrading my license through my nonprofit vendor etc.

Please stay safe from the 'rona and have a wonderful week (if possible)!

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this cannot be patched because this is the way how setup routines do work.

Simply download the redistribution installer of the required MS VC++ 2015 runtime library and install separately, afterwards try installing SUP 2020, both of them by “right-click > Run as Admin”.

I have had software that would not install due to registry settings. I also have had software that would not install period, a fresh copy of Windows took care of that.

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