2019 will no longer start/open bug splat with no customer support help

Needing help my 2019 sketch up pro, stopped being able to open always get a bug splat.

  • Downloaded 2021 it to will not open bug splat.
  • reported to bug splat multiple times received one support email asking me to update drivers, done.
  • Dedicate my NVIDIA graphics card now set for High-Performance NVIDIA processor
  • Updated my computer, still not working.

I need help this is the 2nd most used program on my computer and I have huge assignments right now I must be able to work in Sketch-Up to finish and going to the internet version is way to slow.

Does anyone have a phone number for customer service tech help?

Go to the Nvidia control panel, Help menu>System Information and post a screenshot of the window that pops up. “High-performance Nvidia processor, 32mb” tells us nothing about your graphics card type, driver version etc.

To update your driver, did you go to the Nvidia website to download the latest driver for your card type?

Do you use SketchUp extensions?