2018 Pro, License window will not open, stuck in trial

Good morning everyone!

We have a NYS dept of ed license for a school district for 2018 Pro, We installed it on our macs, it opens and runs the trial fine but when we click on “add license” nothing happens, it doesnt advance to another screen or open a new window to enter our activation code or serial. We appreciate any suggestions to get this going as soon as possible. We have cleared cookies, histories and such from safari and so on but no luck, thanks!

do the other ‘in SketchUp’ dialogs work, i.e. Extension Warehouse…

and did you clear the

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/WebCache

that SU uses with it’s Chrome Embedded Framework…


John thank you so much for the suggestions, It looks like it may be blocked by the district, i tethered one Mac to my phone and the license opened so i am going to talk to my network admin and have him allow the needed ports to reach out… thank you again! if this doesnt work ill come back and add more info