Licensing issue Sketchup Pro 2018

I’ve tried to use the page info at:

to license Sketchup for Osx but its not working. Can anyone help? I’m using a free version for schools SketchUp Pro 2018.

You should contact SketchUp Customer Support directly for assistance with this.

I’d love to. How can I contact them?

Go to the link I provided in my previous post. Click on Education Community and then Message Us.

But you have a serial number and Authocode?
Educational Laptop licenses cost money.

Yes. Pennsylvania gives us licenses through the department of education.

Do you create the activation_info.txt on a Mac as well?
Try it with ‘smart quotes’ disabled in the keyboard section of the system preferences.

Another ‘trap’ is the added .txt which results in a filename that is called ‘Activation_info.txt.txt

For your interest, there were some corrupt characters in the file. I sent back a fixed version.

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I didn’t receive a file from you. Only this email.

I sent the email yesterday afternoon. I will also private message you here, with the correct text.