Offline authorization of SketchUp Pro 2017


We have nonprofit licenses of SketchUp Pro 2017 1-Year subscription and we haven’t been able to install and authorize them for months becasue our computers are not connected to the internet.

We found out there is the possibility of making SketchUp.lic files using the MAC (physical address) of the computer and the serial number (and the name of the user).
We sent emails with this information to and tried to called them but no answer.

So, I’m trying to find out who can do these SketchUp.lic files so we can finally use these licenses.

There are some other details but one I want to mention now is that the SUPro 2017 trial has the button for “Add License” available but when pressed the license tab opens but it is totally blank.

Thank you in advance to anyone that might have some data on this and answers,

Why would you want to go through this kind of hardship? I doubt anyone, who can do this, would raise their head here because it implies that they can circumvent the licencing system, which has ramifications.

Rather get a 3G USB dongle, hook it up for authorization on the various machines for that time only. Much easier…

• SketchUp Help Center : Contact Options

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It’s not always as simple as that. You might be providing services for clients with quite high demands on data security, allowing only certified connections.


Yeah, I used to work in a secure lab where plugging a classified computer into the public internet was the most efficient way to get fired that I’ve ever known.

Please do contact the support team directly, they have a way to do this.


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Hello all,

Thank you for your responses. In the meantime I had the idea of contacting the support team and got a response.
We haven’t totally solved the issue yet but it sounds like we will.


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