2018 Pro licence

Hey Guys,

i bought a 2018 licence back in 2018 along with a key for vray 3. i recently bought a new computer and am trying to install sketchup 2018 and it says that my keys are wrong. I requested a new key and it gave me one with the starting letter U instead of a T. however this code only works for sketchup 2019 and vray 3 does not work with anything past sketchup 2018. sent trimble a message but not hearing anything back. can anyone here help me out?

The only difference in the Sketchup S/N for each version is the first letter. Simply Change the U to a T, it should work with 2018.

I have tried this but unfortunately it only allows me to use sketchup 2019. i thought maybe it had to do with too many computers activated but i have de activated my two other computers but with no luck…sad face

@colin Can you assist?

Generally if you request the license for the right year it will give you the right key.

Each version has its own license info. The first letter of the serial number changes, and the authorisation code.If you activated the 2019 version, the 2018 version can no longer be moved or installed on a new machine.
It should work on machines where it was once installed, though.

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well this is going to be an issue do to the fact that i need 2018 because i have a vray licence for that sketchup version. can someone help me remedy this?

Check my reply to your support email.