I want to use SketchUp 2018 (because of Vray 3.0), not 2019, why serial won't work?

Hi, I bought 1,5 years ago Sketchup 2018 and I got serial number. I also bought Vray 3.0 and it works only with Sketchup 2018. Later I got a mail that Sketchup serial has changed and works with 2019 version, but doesnt work with 2018 anymore.

Is there any way to use still 2018 version of sketchup?

The serial number is version specific. If you want to go back to SketchUp 2018, contact customer support or your reseller and ask them to change your license to be used with SU2018. This will make SU2019 unusable for you so before you do it, back save any files you might have saved in SU2019 so you can open them in SU2018.

Did you remove the 2018 version?
You should still be able to activate the old 2018 license on a machine where it was once installed.
So, use the license info that starts with a ‘T’ for 2018.

Since you activated the new version, you can no longer activate older versions on new machines (the license is machine specific, so harddrive images or timemachine backups won’t work)

I replied to the support ticket, but for the benefit of anyone following along, if you reinstall 2018 onto a computer that has had it in the past, the license file should still be there and should work.

When you install a later version of SketchUp you are committing to that version, as far as activating on a new computer goes. But, the older version should still work if the license file is already there.

If that doesn’t work out for so10 I can downgrade the license to 2018 to solve the problem.

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