Using sketchup 2019 licenses us with sketchup 2018

Hi guy. I am an architect. I would like to ask if its possible to use a sketchup 2019 license on a previos version? I am experiencing alot of bug using the latest version. I wish to use the sketchup 2018 stable version.

Only if you have one, each version of SketchUp has its own serial and autho code.

When did you buy?

I believe it was last month.

nope, license data is version specific. But you can ask your license source if downgrading is feasible.

Before doing that investigating the issues you are experiencing would be a a more sensible behaviour, i.e. describing the problems you have for getting them fixed before downgrading is the common way.

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This is usually compatibility with V-Ray😃

Reporting bug is abit of a hassle for me. Lol. I am experiencing problem with material. I drag an image into sketchup, then explode the image to use in as texture. Usually sketchup will auto create a texture, but in 2019, it was missing from the material tab. I thought it was my renderer soft bug, but it seam it was 2019.

Here is the model. I am not in front of my pc right now, but you can download the model from the thea render forum.

Do they still sell 2018 license? Is it possible to change my license?

There are other bugs, but i dont keep track of it. Usually i would just find a work around.
I did not experience as many bug from previos version then 2019. My office just bought the 2019 license for ofis pc. I am used to the 2018 on my laptop.

If you don’t report bugs, then nobody knows about them and they don’t get fixed…

The problem you outline hints at an incorrect installation for v2019…
Incorrect installation affects drag-n-drop and also folder/file permissions - these affects are subtle and unpredictable…
But it’s easy to address…
Do the following…
While logged in as your normal Windows user-account [NOT the separate system administrator - BUT having some admin-powers as a normal-user is OK]
Ensure that SketchUp is closed.
Find the v2019 SketchUp installer exe file - probably in your Downloads folder.
Select the exe file’s icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
When prompted choose “Repair” [obviously for a new installation it’s “Install”].
When it completes, restart SketchUp and test to see if things have improved.
Installing a complex app like SketchUp in any other way will produce some weird results…
So NEVER double-click the exe file or just ‘Run’ it - the resulting installation will be flaky - even if you have some admin-powers !

Another issue that messes with drag-n-drop [and other things] is the properties settings for the installed SketchUp.exe…
Never have it Properties > Compatibility set to “Run this program as an administrator” - that will stop Windows Explorer interacting directly with SketchUp, because their permissions will then differ, and be incompatible…

Yet another issue often arises from copying Extensions between versions - it’s always best to reinstall these from scratch - Extensions’ versions can be updated to suit newer Ruby-versions, and sometimes critical folders of support files get missed in the copying-over process…


Thanks TIG. Your a life saver. Lol.

Too many forum page, i tend to forget my username or password. So i dont report bugs.