Can I degrade sketchup 2019 to 2017 with 2019 license

Please help me
Can i use sketchup 2019 license to install 2017

Niyas CN

In a word, no. SketchUp licenses are version-specific.

Is there a particular reason you want to fall back to 2017? It is only available in the no-cost, no-comercial-use Make version. If there is a reason such as sharing files with someone who has only 2017, in all more recent versions you can save as 2017 and they will be able to use the file.

If your Mac system is too old to run SketchUp 2019, you could install SketchUp Make 2017 from this page:

I wasn’t able to find any license for you. If I can find your 2019 license I should be able to make a 2017 license that will convert Make into Pro.

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