2018 - Dynamic components units ignore model units




I noticeed that all my dynamic components, which have attribute setting defined as “Display in: End users model units”, do not show units properly. For example my model units are set to cm, but component attributes are shown in inches. They only show in cm, if I set them to cm inside the component attributes.


There is a very long standing bug in Dynamic Components: You must have the “Display units format” box checked in ModelInfo>Units for dynamic components to work right, otherwise everything reverts to inches.


And in some cases, cm does not actually mean centimetre, it simply distinguishes between metric and imperial.

My own impression (perhaps unfair) is that DCs were rushed out to great acclaim a while back but were really only in beta development phase. As a result, take up has been poor and so further development has stalled. It’s sad because there is great potential there.


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