2018 Crashes on Close! Can't save Shortcuts!

Can’t save shortcuts.
When I close SkechUp it shows that it quit unexpectedly. Have to reset my shortcuts every time!!

Would just keep it on all the time but it crashes when I use Dibac tools as well.


I’d turn off all of the plugins… to see how SU works without external influences on it.

If you still have issues then I’d lean towards researching graphics card drivers. BUT if SU is stable on it’s own then turn extensions back on a little at a time until you locate the one thats at fault.

Obviously the Dibac tool are suspect and the solution could be to update that, or rollback to a previous version
if what you have is incompatible on your system.

Crashes are usually software based… and it’s worthing looking at all of the changes which have happened on your system prior to these crashes taking places.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.
This is a fresh install of 2018. With fresh/updated copies of all of the extensions.
I just got it a few days ago.
Not being able to save shortcuts is very frustrating.

I have attached the crashlog, if you are interested in looking at it.
Sketchup was working better without the Dibac tools - certainly - but it still crashes on quit. Please advise.

Process: SketchUp [964].pdf (188.7 KB)

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