2017 Pro Component Creation Crash

I have sketchup pro 2017 and running Graphics Card: Nvidia® Quadro® M2000M w/4GB GDDR5 and OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. I CANNOT CREATE COMPONENTS.

My computer freezes and I need to force quit via task manager and completely restart the app. Tried several times, nothing is working

Repair did not resolve the issue. Uninstall / Reinstall worked. Thanks

Great that worked for you. Usually, the ‘repair’ option should accomplish the same, though

I just downloaded Sketchup Make so that I could make some modifications on files that I downloaded from Thingiverse however and after downloading the STL extension as soon as I try to open an STL file, the screen says that is downloading but nothing happens, the file never appears regardless how long I wait and if I touch the screen with the mouth, the screen goes whiteish and freezes and close itself down.

Now, what am I doing wrong…?

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