2017 pro / 2019 pro / 2017 make not working on dell G3 with GTX 1060 (dual GC)


I can’t get any version of sketchup dekstop to run on dell G3 including a GTX 1060 with maxQ design on windows 10.

Error message on startup :

Hardware acceleration is unsupported or has been disabled on your graphics card. SketchUp requires that you use a hardware accelerated graphics card.

What I tried

  • My laptop has 2 GC (GTX 1060 and integrated). I tried to force the usage of the GTX
  • compatibility mode with window 7
  • disabling antinaliasing and various options in nvidia panel for sketchup

=> nothing worked.

Any idea ?

2016 is working properly but I can’t get my 2017 files to work on it.

well like literally every post I read was mentionning : it was a driver issue \o/

I needed to update drivers for the integrated card (not the GTX)

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