2017 issue - not retaining line and edge settings



using su 2017 pro on a mac. working in the new version, i am having an issue where my line and edge settings (profile, extension, etc) are not being retained between scenes or when a scene is updated. i set them how i want, then save the scene and drawing, then create another scene but the settings dont transfer.

just downloaded latest version and started over with a new drawing and simple forms, but still seeing the same issue.

making it frustrating and wasting time resetting these over and over. anyone else seeing this or have a suggestion?


Are you saving as a new style when updating the scene?


Wade asks a good question. My guess is you ticked the box to prevent the warning from being displayed and you aren’t updating the style before updating or creating a scene. If you have disabled the warning, go to Preferences>General and re-enable it.


In short: Line and edge settings are saved in your style, not in your scene. Your scene can save the name of the style used in it, but the contents of the style are saved with the style.