2017 DXF export errors

I’ve tried opening and exporting files that worked less than a month ago (I think I was using 2017 then and not 2016). I’ve downloaded fresh copies of 2017 Pro Trial onto multiple machines. All get the same error written to the “Audit report.txt” file “AcDbBlockReference(C294) Reference to Block 3D_”. It does this regardless of the skp file I open. I can draw a single square and still can export it to DXF.

Did you ever find a fix for this? This is suddenly happening to me.

No, the free trial ran out at home. I wound up using on older 2016 Pro copy at work to export to DXF. You would think they would have fixed this by now. I see no reason to buy my own personal 2017 license if it can’t export to DXF reliably.