Can not export a 3D drawing into AutoCad

Can download 2D versions of my drawing but not 3D

2017 and tried to convert to DWG and DXF with no results. get a Splat message.

Dwg and Dfx files are auto CAD formats

What the hell are you talking about pulling teeth to get useful information.

You’ve asked two questions

Is that the limit of your patience?

I’m trying to export a skp file into a dwg file to open a t with autocad. It won’t complete the download and crashes the computer.

What more would you need to know.

Please confirm you are using 2017 Pro along with the native dwg export option and not an extension/plugin of sorts.

Exactly, what are the steps you go through to try this export?
Have you been successful exporting a dwg before?
How about trying a new file and exporting something simple like a Rectangle?

Does that work? If it does then, it may be an issue with the original model you are trying to export. I would then suggest uploading the SKP if you are permitted for someone to take a look.

Folk here need a little background info to go on. They can only guess if something is described as simply not working or crashing.

I do have the 2017 pro version with the exporting option

I have not had to export using the 2017 version however I had been able to export 3D drawings on the 2016 version in the past.

This was my first attempt with 2017.

Good call on the smaller simpler drawing. I will try that and see if it’s related to the expansive geometry in my drawing.

Appreciate the help

Download and install the free AutoDesk import Sketchup app for AutoCAD and just skip the export from SketchUp.

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Thank you;

I did a simple block drawing and it was exported into AutoCad very easily as a DXF and Dwg format.

it is obviously something in my drawing that is not allowing it to fully converge.

Not sure what it can be though?

Huge help thank you. worked perfectly

Glad it worked for you.