2 out of the 8 models is not showing 3D

haven’t used sketch up for ages. when I view my models, 2 of them can’t be viewed in 3D leaving just a picture of the backs of the models which is actually useless. what happened or what’s wrong?
I’m sorry, I forgot to mention I can’t view them “at the 3D warehouse”.

can you share a file?

What version of SketchUp are you using?

don’t remember. it was back when Google owned it. I’m sorry, I forgot to mention I can’t view them “at the 3D warehouse”.

I’m sorry, I forgot to mention I can’t view them “at the 3D warehouse”.

If they were uploaded to the old 3D Warehouse when Google owned it, they may not be available or may not be processed to show in 3D.

The 3D Warehouse only supports the last three versions of SketchUp and the old Warehouse has been gone for years.

Can you view them in the browser?

3Dwarehouse doesn’t work for versions of SketchUp Pre - 2020 anymore.

6 are working to view in 3D.

the only reason I’m here is someone liked 1 of my models so I’m assuming it works somewhat.

Great! Why aren’t you telling us which models they are so we can have a look at them?

how do I do that?

Give us the names of the models so we can search the Warehouse for them.

I see I can copy the links…

oops that just copied picture link

Is there something wrong with just giving us the names of the files? Why make it hard for us to help you?

I thought it was a direct link to the model " sub woofer speaker".
how come it doesn’t link to the model page?

ok, now it worked. I clicked the picture by mistake.

They don’t work for me either I’m afraid

maybe one to point out to @TheGuz , he may know why a file might have disappeared altogether - there have been some outages over the last couple of days, it might be related to that?

I downloaded one of your files using the 3D Warehouse interface in SketchUp and then uploaded it back to the Warehouse. After the wWarehouse processed it, the 3D viewer works fine.

ah, it looks like they have have initially been uploaded as KMZ - if it was back in google days, then that might make sense.
I presume those don’t get converted/aren’t supported by the viewer

big+speaker.kmz (2.0 MB)
speaker+system.kmz (115.0 KB)

These are what it has downloaded

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