1001 bit tool - Door frame


I’ve been following this tutorial on Youtube, and I’m on the part where I have to create all the doors and windows frames. In the tutorial he uses 1001 bit tool. And I’ve done exactly what he has but I can’t get it to work.

So I’ve created a new project 1001bittoolframeerror.skp (269.0 KB) just to try this part out and it’s still not working. After some tests, I’ve figured that he probleme is shape related.

The Create Door Frame tool works perfectly fine with rectangles, but as soon as I add the rounded part of the door, it stops from working and just recreates my door on the X Y plan with no 3d (seems to center it on the origin point of my project).

Does anyone have the same issues with 1001bit Tool?

I copied the shape to a new file

Thank you for your answer, I see that it is working for you exactly the way it should, but even if I follow your steps, I still end up with a flat shape instead of an opening in my wall…

I had never tried the Create opening in wall tool, it seems really usefull! When I try to copy the shape on the wall I want to open, I have to click 3 times, one for each axis on the surface I want to open. Once I did that, it did’t even paste the shape on the surface, instead it leaves a small space between the created shape and the wall, something like a few centimeters… And I tried it many times just in case I was dumb enough to click on the wrong place… But it always end up the same.

I will try this on my other computer when I come back home from Christmas, I am actually working on a laptop with small graphics power, maybe that plays a role.

I gave it a last try:

I downloaded the pro version of 1001bit tool and created a new account for the 30 days trial (I had the freeware version)

And it works just fine now. Not really a solution since I don’t entend to create a new account each time I want to use the 1001 bit tool but maybe Santa will be nice and I’ll get the pro version :wink: