Zooming problem in SketchUp

When I zoom in, there is a problem.

Search the forum for ‘clipping’. Lots written about it.

It may be clipping, but does clipping usually clip the ground as well?

A similar symptom came up for someone else recently. In that case there was some bad geometry causing confusing. You can test if that’s your case by doing a left to right select of everything that you want to keep, Copy, New, Paste in Place. If that then behaves itself there may be elements in the original file that are causing the problem.

You do know the big hand done x’s are a zoom in on the small hand done x’s and are not just one image?

Is that true? It looks like one axis across the whole image. Sure looks like clipping.

I may be seriously drunk, but it is two images, top one shows the clipping, bottom one zooms in on the clipping. Hand done red ex’s are something of a giveaway, but I have been known to be wrong, apparently.

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Ha! It’s too early here to be drunk yet, I’m just on my first cup of coffee, but I’m still wrong all the time. It looks to me like the red axis extends across both images in a straight line, could be coincidence of editing but unlikely to be so perfect, and I don’t think the Xs match. And there is the ghost of an open bounding box across both. Looks like one photo with the ground plane clipping.

It’s drinking hours where Box is.

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Fling a good shot or two of rubbing alcohol in your coffee and you’ll see what I see, actually, a couple of magic mushrooms would be even clearer.

Two grabs, stitched and drawn on.


Yeah, I know it’s cocktail hour down under. Cheers!
I guess I do need more coffee, because I still see one image with the red and blue axis and a bounding box extending across the center line. Better get my eyes checked.

The axis lines make me think it’s a single grab but I’ve never seen the ground plane get clipped.

Glad I’m not the only crazy one, we can be crazy together. And why would the OP stitch two super narrow aspect ratio pics together, and if the bottom is a zoom why a different color? The OP changed the style before taking the second pic, and the second pic is of nothing, and empty field of green? And the top pic was perfectly aligned with the edge of the clipped tracks? I’m suspicious.

As always, if the OP can share the model we could say for sure…

You guys may be right as I can’t see any bounding box on my tiny screen.
Previous experience tells me to slide quietly back into the icecubes and allow the capillaries to do their job.

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Let’s hope the OP returns to tell us exactly what we’re looking at here.

And, let’s hope we can all have a drink together in Vancouver. :beers:

Could be difficult as most of us only drink while in Canada on days with a Y in them.


WOW! I see a big disscusion. I recorded a move of my problem using a smartphone.

You’ll be relieved to know that they speak English in western Canada.

How big is your model? Looks like potentially miles across? The train tracks and ground plane should extend beyond the cut off line we see? I would still say attach the model here so we can look at it but with a ground texture that large I bet the file is big.

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As you’ve directed that at me all I can say is I’m lost for a reply, no matter how I look at that I can’t see an appropriate answer. I can’t work out whose culture you … (leaving the rest blank)