Zooming Into Layout Viewports

Hi Everybody,

I’ve posted this question in the SketchUp Pro Category but maybe it should be in the Layout category?

Below are 2 images:

Image 1 is a 10M Square at Scale 1:50 with a 1M Square in the top right hand corner

Image 2 is a close up of the 1M Square from image 1 at Scale 1:5

Image 1

Image 2

These are just Layout viewports from 2 SketchUp Scenes which are simple to arrange in SketchUp, but I wonder if there is an easy way to produce Image 2 from Image 1 just using Layout.

The reason I ask is that I am experimenting with ‘Curic Section’ which I think is going to be super useful, but it does require a new Section for each SketchUp Scene I produce, and sometimes I need around 10 ‘Detail Scenes’ for each Section Scene I produce in SketchUp which means 10 additional Section Cuts.

The alternative is zooming in using Layout which is pretty cumbersome the way I do it.

Thanks for any ideas as always.

Just to explain further:

This is the kind of work I produce with 3 details taken from a section in this example:

These were created using ‘Create Group by Slice’ which I then explode, create faces using Enroth’s ‘Face Creator Plugin’ and colour within SketchUp.

For your first question:

  1. Draw a square by Rectangle Tool, just draw, don’t care to dimension.
  2. Select rectangle, right click > Select “Make Group” from context menu
  3. Continue right click, select “Scale” > Choose scale you want, example “1:50” (you have created a scale drawing by that way)
  4. Open group, select rectangle > Select grip then scale and type in VCB dimension you want, remember include unit follow. Ex: “10m”. Object will transform to exact dimension at scale 1:1, but performing in Layout in scale 1:50
  5. Close group, then you can copy this and choose another scale, ex 1:5
    That’s it. The key is you must make group for any thing you want to make a scale drawing, after set a scale, go inside that group then draw just like normal with real dimension.

For your second question:

  1. You can use 1 to Duplicate a scene with Curic Section. Scenes duplicated from original scene will use the same section plane, but different settings (you can choose another scale for scene, so hatches and lightweight will changed follow the scale)
  2. You can use 2 for Enlarge Details from origin Curic section scene. The same with 1.
  3. You can use 3, if you one to create 6 section views at once for Interior (included 4 elevations, floor plan, ceiling plan)

Thank you very much for your reply.

I have studied your first answer but I don’t think it covers my question of how to zoom into a specific part of a Layout viewport - maybe I wasn’t clear enough or I am just being a bit daft :grinning:

Regarding your second answer, I am currently using ‘Curic Section Lite’ which doesn’t allow me to duplicate a Scene. I always intended to get the full version if the Lite version worked okay which it clearly does, so I will now go ahead and buy the full version.

Hopefully it will allow me to duplicate a Scene then Zoom into wherever I want and use the new Scene as a Layout viewport the same way I currently do.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Perhaps you mean, select a SketchUp viewport, press Ctrl+D to duplicate a viewport, then choose another scale from context menu?

Thanks. But in the example I show (Image 1 & Image 2) getting from image 1 to image 2 by changing the scale isn’t easy (for me). As soon as I go from say 1:50 to 1:5 everything disappears and it takes forever to centre the viewport on the small square.

Multiply this tasks by a lot of detailed viewports required and it would take all day :grinning:

I have high hopes for Curic Section (full version) because then I can hopefully prepare the Scenes in SketchUp which is easy.

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Ah yes, with function Enlarge Details, you’ll get much easier.

Before change scale from 1:50 to 1:5, you should double click into viewport, select Zoom Extents to re-position if everything disappears. Then zoom to your details close to the scale you want, exit from viewport then apply scale 1:5. It won’t fly away to far. :smile:

Not sure if you’re being serious :grinning:

The 3 details in 3-01 plan section details below are taken from 2-02 plan section below. They all start as different scenes in SketchUp but the details are just zoomed in SketchUp scenes from the main SketchUp scene.

I missed a zero. Unintentionally.

Got it! :grinning:

Thanks very much for all you help guys. :+1:


I LOVE THIS FORUM :kiss: :grinning:

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I have just purchased Curic Section and I really like it.

The icon you circled and labelled 1, i.e. ‘Duplicate Section’, makes creating zoomed in Scenes in SketchUp incredibly easy.

I’ve learned a lot today - thank you :+1:

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It’s even easier if you use number 2.

Just having a little play with my new ‘Curic Section’ Plugin. I have to say its very impressive and easy to use for creating coloured (or hatched) section faces. Its going to save me an absolute ton of time on every project, and as an added bonus my sections are now dynamic rather than static.

Big thumbs up for this one :+1: