Zoom somehow has changed in all of my scenes


I’m using the Sketchup Workflow for Architects template files and they’ve generally been easy to work with. I had to put a project on hold for several weeks and have come back to it, but when I go into it, it’s like the zoom or center of all my scenes, including the Working Model scene, are all way off and at first I thought something happened to the model but it turns out that I have to pan and zoom out to find it.
Anyone ever have something like this happen and know what the cause might be?

The last time I worked in it I exported a number of scenes to LayOut and everything was fine.


I don’t know what caused it or that template but you can right click one of your object in ’Outliner’ and choose ‘Zoom Selection’. That will zoom your view to that object.

But i’m afraid you’ll need to reposition your scenes and update the camera positions one by one.

If you remember that you started drawing one of your object (a wall for example) from origin (0,0,0), you can select all and move from that corner (vertex) of the object to the origin. Thus, your scenes might be in their normal position.

Also check if your ‘Field of View’ changed to a weird number. (35 is default i think)


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