Zoom in and Zoom Out issue

I’m having issues with Zoom on my model. When I try to zoom in, it zooms out and then way out so the model is a pin point. I can’t use the zoom function to zoom back in. I literally need to use my fingers on the track pad and it’s painstakingly slow. Does anyone have any suggestions for resolving this issue. My model is about 25Mb. Please let me know. Thanks,

If you type shift z it should zoom in to fill the screen. That is a keyboard shortcut for Zoom Extents.

Box’s answer should get you back to the geometry, but to mousewheel a little bit and now things are a long way off, suggests something isn’t quite right with your model. Are you able to let us see the model (or not see, if we are zoomed out…)?

Yeah, I can see the model but when I try to zoom out just by a small roll of the mouse wheel it goes all the way out to where I have a spec, then when I try to zoom back in, it starts to zoom in but then goes out again and kind of throbs from going out, then in.

Well then as Colin said, we need to see the model to diagnose the problem.

Should I upload the model via 3-D Warehouse?

Or just drag and drop the .skp file into a reply here. Or, if it’s too large, upload to DropBox and share the link.

Cool. Will do. I might be thinking that it could be my mouse? I just created a simple 2-d model and it’s doing the same thing with the 2-d model

I’m using the web version. Would that make any difference?

Too big. Max size is 16 Mb. My file is 25 Mb…I’ll dropBox it.

Maybe. Another user with a different mouse might confirm that.

No, but why does your profile indicate you are using 2017 Make? Please fix that.

If your model is not near the axis origin, performance is slowed a lot.
Try select all an move near the origin.

Ah…I have both. I created a 2017 model of our Brewpub several years ago and I still use that model. We’re opening up another Brewpub and since i can’t get 3-D warehouse elements using 2017, I switched to the Web version but good point. I’ll update my profile. Really appreciate your help!

Okay folks…I figured it out and this is going to sound stupid but I was using a cordless mouse. I plugged in a wired mouse and zoom works fine. Jeeze! Thank you all for your patience and help! Really appreciate it.

Maybe you just need a new battery in your mouse.