Zigzag edges


We have had some models created but need to adjust them in sketchup as there have been slight changes.

Can anyone tell me how I can turn the 2 straight edges at either end of the bar into zigzag ones.

Here is a link to the models so you can see what I am dealing with: https://www.dropbox.com/s/580h9tkd69ok02p/Bars.skp?dl=0

I have also attached a small screenshot of what the ends need to look like.

Many thanks51

Please don’t attach 34mb model to address what are much smaller issues.

Hey, not sure how I can make the file size smaller on these. This is how i received them, unfortunately

Just looking at the model, I’d attempt creating a block with a zig-zag side to intersect faces of the ends, then remove the excess.After grouping this block and positioning, I’d put this shape in the same context as the bar faces (inside the group or component) and ungroup the block shape after positioning so , with “intersect faces” it leaves faces along the resulting zig zag cut. The file is too large for me to experiment with as everything would be too slow on my computer. I tried to check if the object could be a solid, but it was taking too long.

Checking out the size of the objects, you should scale it up 1000x for this operation. You can scale a component of the bar and block shape, leaving an unscaled component aside. Both will update.

I’d draw a rectangle below the end with a zigzag edge such that when pushpulled up , the zig zag faces intersect the very end of the wrapper.

Save a copy of the block you make to use on the opposite end.

I’d draw the 2d rectangle shape and start the zig-zag with two angled edges near one corner, and duplicate across the shape so the the zigzag divides the face in two. Remove the face and edges on the bar side of the zig zag edges, and extrude the resulting shape up.

One only needs to have the end shape at one end to demonstrate the process. I’d show you how to isolate that for the example file, but you probably know, and it takes too long on my computer–actually it’s just hung right now.

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I isolated part of the model and did it anyway.

You want to reverse the faces of the cutting block to get the faces of the cut to be front face on the wrapper.