Trouble splitting a solid with small edges

I’m trying to split my model into parts that can be laid flat on a 3D printer with max 45 degree overhang. But the parts become not solid and I can’t understand why. I tried using solid tools (intersect/subtract) but the part just disappears. So I ended up using a rectangle to intersect faces, doubled the object, then erased the opposite parts, and drew edges to close the separated parts. I finished with the solid inspector 2 to repair any issues. SketchUp says one part isn’t solid even though the solid inspector extension says it is.

The original part with the rectangle to split:

After splitting:

Those little edges are a nuisance and I don’t understand why they are all needed since the split face is flat. (If someone can help me understand this I’m sure it would also help for the future.)

Are you still using SketchUp 2018 as indicated in your profile?

From your first screen shot it looks like there’s some bad geometry before the split. If I needed to do that I would make a component of the entire thing, and use The Dave Method for editing it to split it.

It would help if we could see your model.

I just Googled the Dave method… and scaling larger worked. I’ve seen this before, and was therefore deliberately working at a larger scale while modelling, so didn’t think it was this again! Go big or go home I guess…

Thank you!!
I just realized I am speaking to DaveR from the Dave method! :slight_smile:

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