"You have reached the maximum number of attempts, Please try again later"

Users are on a deadline - error was “technical difficulties signing you on”

Who thought this was a good idea?

The user can’t work.

Absurd lockout screen. With this complete lack of detail, I’m honestly surprised that the Sketchup devs even included a red lockout message. Why not just silently lock the users out? That would make as much sense as this:

  1. No mention of the number of attempts that I can’t exceed.
  2. How long do I need to wait to re-attempt logging in?

Number two is my favorite, because I just have to guess how long to wait, and if I’m wrong, my lockout is longer??!?! Probably, but who knows?

I’m an IT professional for a business that has users who can’t work now.

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The actual number of attempts allowed seems to be ridiculously low, I just typed my password twice and got locked out. Even though it allowed me in after just 5 minutes, like Paul11 said it would be essential to know the exact numbers. Really really dumb feature.

Having identical problem.

Deadline missed - Trimble get this sorted please - Having custody of products like yours that the world relies upon is a stakeholder responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. Failing to do so you is another nail in the coffin people’s livelihoods and the failure of businesses.

We know Trimble as a company have a desire toward excellence, but these issues have the need the following ironed out:
— They get left for too long - invest in better over-management of the software teams managers. People who know how to prioritise for real world conditions, not with under-informed nerd world logic.
— Promote within the company fabric Trimble’s sense of responsibility as a stakeholder in the many hundreds of thousands of lives, businesses and institutions that you affect on a daily basis.

With scant expectation, I hope this will be read and handled by one of the world-view minds that I know are present at Trimble.

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