You cannot hide the current layer

I’d upload the model, but the file is many Mb and would take ages. I’ve also resisted posting for help, but am all out of ideas now and now bow to the wisdom of others. Basically, I was trying to draw only in layer 0 then group and layer with a house plan model. Lately the model has become a little corrupted with some layers & groups seemingly overlapping and not being able to entirely edit or toggle on/off due to partial geometry crossover that I don’t really understand. I put that in the ‘too hard basket’ as I was close to completion of the project and just wanted to export to layout and print. But now with additional edits of the model required, I have noticed that layer 0 drawing of new geometry is defaulting into a layer I created a while ago for the fireplace. Now, the fireplace layer seems to be acting as layer 0 - it cannot be toggled off and reports ‘you cannot hide current layer’ if I try to turn it off. On the layer menu it has the small pencil icon next to it. So now, all new geometry is being defaulted as the fireplace layer, and I am managing by immediately assigning new geometry to a group and a layer, but I would really like to get the system back to the way it used to be as I am finding it all a bit unsettling. Anyone know what I’m talking about? Is there a simple fix I am ignorant about?

Click in the Pencil column in line with Layer 0 to make it active again. And keep it there.

It sounds like the first thing you need to do is learn about what layers are for and the correct use of them in SketchUp. As Box said, set the pencil icon for Layer 0 and leave it there. Create all geometry on Layer 0. Make components or groups for discrete objects such as your fireplace and doors, windows, furniture, etc. Assign layers to those groups based on what you want to show or not show. maybe you have a Fireplace layer and another one for doors, a third for windows and so on. Assign layers to the group and component “containers” but leave the geometry inside the containers on Layer 0.

Start here: with SketchhUp Essentials. and also read here:
Controlling Visibility with Tags | SketchUp Help

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There are a few things in your post that warrant comment beyond those already made.

You say the file is “many Mb”. It’s true that it is easy to get a file too big for direct upload to this forum. However, if it is a house design, I wonder what is causing the file to be so big. Have you been importing things from the Warehouse, for example? Or is there an enormous amount of detail?

Whilst you may not be able to upload here, you can upload to an online folder and share a link. That’s another way to go. It is much easier to help if the original file causing the trouble can be seen.

My advice is: don’t. This is a fantastic forum and two of the previous posters are regulars who are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Neither of them sleeps and (I imagine), on a diet of pure caffeine, are able to respond at seemingly every hour of the day or night. No request is too basic as we all realize that many people are either amateurs like you or first timers.

It’s difficult to understand what is going on here. If you follow the advice already given to keep Layer 0 active at all times whilst drawing raw geometry, you should not go wrong. In fact, it is very rarely necessary to move the pencil icon in SU (unlike in Layout). The natural “stickiness” of raw geometry, which is central to how SU works, is both its USP and its Achilles heel. If you have raw geometry on different layers, you will run into all kinds of trouble.

Probably not. As the old Irish cliche about someone asking for directions goes, if you want to get to x, you don’t want to start from here.


Thankyou!!! I knew it had to be something really simple like that.