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“Sketchup 2017 Pro” license has expired. Went to Download SketchUp | Free Trial of 3D Modeling Software to install “Sketchup 2017 Make”. After entering the info, and clicking [Download Sketchup Make] it display a page that is empty except for the page framework and the message “You are not authorized to access this page.”

Try downloading it from here.

It’s water under the bridge for you now but if you had downloaded Make in the first place, it would have reverted to Make when the pro trial ended.

Thank you for the link. So, do I need to uninstall the Pro before installing the Make.

BTW: I’ve been using Sketchup for years – since version 3 under Google. It was only with the change to Trimble that it became confusing and I somehow got the Pro version. I assumed I had downloaded Make and it was, like always, just behaving like Pro.

I would uninstall Pro before installing Make.

The version you get depends on how you answered filled out the sort of questionaire before hand.

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