XYZ component attributes

Having trouble with getting component attributes to work.

In my workflow, I create a component, then use the XYZ component attributes to “lock it” in place, generally in 2 of the axis directions. Commonly I use this with plan pages brought into the model and face objects used to represent window or door sizes. For instance, I’ll lock a component face, using it as a stand in for a window, in X and Z axis, locking it in position, and leave Y floating so I can move it to, say, face of plywood, or face of stud.

Trouble is, it simply won’t work reliably. Just tried doing it in a model I’m working on and, nope, I can move the object in all directions. Copy and paste in place the component into a blank SKP file, and now it works as expected.

Anyone else encounter this glitch? Workarounds?


This should be under the Dynamic Components topic. Hard to help without the offending file, or a file that replicates the problem behaviour. Can you post it?

most noted in stamp mode
sometime redraw is not triggered, you could create a shortcut to this (edit/dynamic component/redraw) when in context

or better
Redraw all dynamic components? - SketchUp / Dynamic Components - SketchUp Community

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I didn’t realize I’d posted this in the wrong corner of the forum. I’m not comfortable posting the file, respecting the privacy of my clients.

At the link is a video showing the unexpected behavior.

I’m not familiar with the redraw command. I see that is a right click context command. What is the purpose?

Hey :wave: Right click Redraw recalculates/updates all the DC formula in the selected DC, which should correct your problem. Your video link is not working for me…

Try this link, Ryan, maybe the video will play.

The redraw doesn’t change the behavior of the component.

I’m noticing the same thing that Ryan pointed out… no video. Are you waiting a bit to make sure they are uploaded before posting?

yea, it shows as uploaded on my end…

this is from DB via web

and it still doesn’t seem to work

Don’t know why your video is not posting… and don’t know enough about posting video to offer a suggestion. :man_shrugging: