Wrong LenX no matter what I do


I have a problem that I cannot find the solution no matter what I try. Basically my main component, its LenX is always wrong. I removed every any formula that might bug the thing but no, none of it seems to matter. If you look at the picture, I only have two fixed LenX, the sidewalls of the door and the handle, the rest is grey and ready to be changed. Plus, the difference between the dimensions is not constant. For instance, the difference at 90cm can be of 3.9 cm and when downscaled or upscaled with another number the difference vary.

I have run out of ideas and I searched for the answer but couldnt find it. I dont have that problem with my other complex components Thanks for the help. I included the SKP file if you want to tinker with it.

PS: The file is too big for this forum so just download it from wetransfer (1 week to do so)

LenX on “Fillings”, “Top”", "Bottom and “Cross Bars” appear to lack a dimension.

Something like: =Porte_Door_01!LenX -(2 *Door_01_SW146_02!LenX)


Yes I did remove all LENX formulas hoping that one of them was forcing the wrong dimension on upper component. But no, even when removing them all I still get a faulty LenX. Normally when there is nothing in those slots, if you input a valor in the LENX of the upper component it should reflect a correct dimension but it doesnt, unless I misunderstand how it works.

You can replace it by =IF(Porte_Door_01!B_Sections_Nbrs >= 3, Door_01_SW146_02!X - ( Door_01_SW146_01!LenX + Door_01_SW146_01!X ) , 0) if that can help you figure out what may be the problem.

EDIT: By writing it down I noticed that this formulas is wrong… So I used a formula similar to what you described and also fixed the X position of the last sidewall and now it works. It shows that I wasnt focused last week, too much stuff running in my head. Thanks for the help!

LenX of the middile parts =Porte_Door_01!LenX - ( Door_01_SW146_02!LenX + Door_01_SW146_01!LenX )

X position of the last sidewall =Porte_Door_01!LenX - Door_01_SW146_02!LenX

Again; if LenX is not established with a formula, the components Scale-Off as the DC values change. Note what happens when you Enter the DC, Select a Filler or Top Component and Right-Click to execute a Scale-Reset.

I indeed attained the expected DC-Dimension results after Setting the LenX on these interior compos.


Have you solved the issue now?

Yes, it was solved with the help of Ninoalva, made me figure out that my formulas were wrong.

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