Wrap or Drape 2D model onto 3D?

I would like to drape or wrap the sawtooth construct, around the circumference of the barrel in this drawing. Is there a tool for such an action?
Sawtooth on Barrel.skp (116.7 KB)
Untitled.pdf (11.5 KB)

Sawtooth and Barrel.skp (83.4 KB)

I first made everything a component and inspected it. Then, I took the nested groups apart and made them into solids and then into components. Then, I made the round sawtooth by rotating around a circle and squaring around each circle segment. I rotate-copied the three sawtooth parts around the circle and made four seams to fill in the gaps. I rotate- copied the seams around to close up the round sawtooth. All parts are separtate components. Then, I moved it into place. I forgot to mention. The first thing I did was go to Model Info and disabled length snapping. A suggestion, Your circles have more segments than needed. The circle that I used had 24 segments. I redrew the circle for the small, tapered cone with fewer segments to simplify things, and it still looks good.