Would you consider artwork created with SketchUp...Art?

Would you consider artwork created with SketchUp…Art? Has anyone displayed digital artwork at a physical gallery before? Anything created with SketchUp? How was your experience?

I have found one gallery that has a show, once a year, that accepts digital work in my area. I missed this years’ deadline, but I am considering entering next year. Gives me some time to work on some projects.

I personally consider digital artwork…Art. No, it is not the same as a physical painting or a sculpture, but it still requires creativity and skill. Yet, there is some much great digital art out there and not enough physical galleries to go around. If they would display such work or not.

Any kind of human expression can become Art.


Yes, why not ?


Of course digitally made things can be art too.
I cannot remember who the guy (possibly Japanese) was who produced fantastic kinetic art made purely in SketchUp.

I think my father too would have approved. He was a painter born in 1910 and fantastically broadminded in these things. It was from him that I first heard that comics were an art form, at at time when newspapers printed old Mickey Mouse strips.

See some of the models created in this thread.

My own uneducated opinion: what might be more readily accepted as “art” are pieces that seem to have an implied meaning or expression that can be derived from it- which is more often than not abstract and/or open to interpretation.

Something like this might not be considered suitable gallery art since it represents an object with a very specific function:

But this might be more accepted as it’s open to interpretation and focuses more on composition:

If the gallery already has digital artwork in then there’s no way Sketchup work wouldn’t be accepted, in fact Sketchup would be very well suited for the task.

IMO the composition matters way more than form- rendering a random corner of a house in an interesting way may be considered more “aesthetic” than a full architectural render. (unless it has pleasing forms outright)


IMO your work is art. Just looked at your gallery thread. Great work!

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Yes. Most examples that I can think of involve rendering or other manipulation of the output. To me, part of this has to do with the intent. Well presented, many images may be great graphics, draftsmanship, or craftsmanship, and beautiful. But art is something else that comes from the artist.

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I’ve seen exhibited artwork made with MS Paint. Yes, it also looked like that, but it had a unique, special style that differentiates it from “normal” work that anyone else would do in the same program.

So digitally made graphics can be art. But they can easily be multiplied.

Did someone experiment with making SketchUp works (.skp) unique (irreproducible) using non-fungible tokens (NFT)?