Idea for a new Category (or perhaps more)


Continuing the discussion from Radius gauges:
@lt72884 posted the above linked topic in the “Sketchup --> 3D Printing” Category.

While reading it, I thought: “Might this be better showcased in the ‘Sketchup --> Gallery’ Category?”

So I went over to “Gallery” and browsed a bit. And I started to “classify” the posts under a few mental categories:

  • Pure Sketchup Models - no other programs, no rendering
  • Rendered Sketchup - some also show the model before rendering
  • Layout pages - some also show the SketchUp model that is documented
  • Real World Builds
  • Sketchup Models used as inputs to other programs - displaying final product
  • 3D Printable models - and/or the actual 3D print
  • My first model - (the thread OP, not me, @sjdorst!)

Having done this mental classification it occurred to me that the Gallery has grown so large that perhaps it’s time to make it a top level Category and add some sub categories - along the lines of my classifications above.

I’m not in any way committed to the classifications I listed - that’s just how I started classifying them. I may have missed something (or somethings).

Without this, @lt72884’s post could reasonably go where it is, or the existing “Gallery”. Were we to do something like this, I’d say that @lt72884’s post belonged either in the “3D Printable” sub-category - or perhaps an “In other repositories” sub category where files/designs created in SketchUp are presented in useful, non-Trimble repositories (in this case - Thingiverse).

This is just a thought. I see value in it, but I’m not committed to it - at least not yet!

What think you?


I think the category structure should be kept as simple as possible. While it can be useful for someone who is really into extension development to hang out in the developer category, while an extension user might be more interested in the extensions category, I don’t know if anyone would really benefit from filtering out pure SketchUp imagery from real world builds or renderings from 3D prints. Also nothing prevents a post from fitting into multiple of these categories. Someone could make a pure SketchUp view, then try to render it and then also 3D print it. A post about a real build could very well compare a photo to a previous rendering. Whatever sub categories are created there can also be posts that doesn’t fit into any of them because someone has used SketchUp for something new we couldn’t even think of.


It’s hard enough to get people to make posts in the right forum categories as it is. Adding more doesn’t seem like a thing that will help.


@eneroth3 & @DaveR As I said, I’m not wedded to the idea. Just putting it out there for discussion. Thanks for your input!


The gallery has got much better in the last year or so. I were quite disappointed when I first joined the forum to see that such few people were posting in the gallery section. SketchUp is a visual program and it’s a shame more people don’t get hands on and throw some of their creations up there. I think that’s what inspired me in the first place to get involved.

I like to have several different images in a post sometimes and explain how they are done. Your suggestion would not enable me to do this as something would end up being off topic in the post.
Also, in my “ongoing” threads sometimes I have SketchUp images, sometimes rendered images and sometimes LayOut too. If the topic we’re suddenly categorised, again it would be difficult to continue in the way I have started.

In short, I say keep it simple as it is. It’s easy to just write an explanation in the post of how your work were done.

I’m yet to see some of your creations @sjdorst , maybe now would be a good time for a post of your own😉

How do you use SketchUp?

I keep thinking of putting up examples, and then get intimidated by other people’s work.


I think all of the things I have posted, have just been created for the purpose of the gallery. I don’t share any work related stuff for obvious reasons.
I used to get nervous as heck when I posted in front of such an admirable audience. Although I think the reception of most has been really good.

You should give it a go, I particularly enjoy the gallery and seeing what others are doing. It’s a bit of a “buzz” when you get a good response from the forum.


I originally posted a long answer, but then realized it was a bit too far off topic, so I started a new topic for it (How do you use SketchUp?), copy/pasted the old reply here over to the new topic, and made this reply short.


The About post for the Gallery sub-category says very general things …

On the contrary, some people may not be interested in any architectural threads, and only interesting in gadgets that are 3D printed. Having a top level Gallery category and at least a few sub-categories can cut down the multitude of threads if you’re just browsing.

Combination posts could always go in the top level category. Right now the gallery is not so easy to find as a sub category.

But I understand Julia’s point about the challenge of deciding what the sub-categories would be.
I’d suggest not what kind of imagery the post is, but instead the genre of what it’s used for.
Ie, architecture, furniture, 3d prints, etc.

Also users (or later admins and sages) can add tags to threads to aid in filtering.
So Ian’s threads could have all 3 tags: image render layout

Re, Steve’s pseudo categories could map to tags like:
image render layout print3d builds export my1st … etc.


I tend to agree with @eneroth3, @DaveR, & @IanT that it’s best to keep it simple. Personally, rather than submit anything to the Gallery category, I have uploaded quite a few of my models to 3dwh, largely because the file size is significantly more than the 3mb limit. I guess I could post just some images though…never occurred to me to do this in addition to 3dwh.


Oh I always thought the Gallery was for displaying output, not to post actual SKP files.
Have people been posting SKPs ?


I’m not going to go back and check, but I think so. I know that, should I ever have something I’m proud enough to show off here, I’m likely to post an 3DWarehouse embed of the .skp, with other forms - like a render - only if I start doing renders!


Not sure if my input counts, but i posted where i did because i didnt really find any other place to post said thread. However, if gallery is where i need to place it, then so shall it be done haha.

Im just dang proud of my work and that mere fact that they WORK.

Thanks to all.