Would like to commission a TARDIS - will pay reasonable fee

Hi - I’m a comic book artist who occasionally works on Doctor Who books for Titan Comics.

(From here on out, I’ll assume you know a little about Doctor Who.)

With the new Doctor on the horizon, there’s also a new TARDIS. I once had someone make me a TARDIS in sketchup that I used for layouts, etc. I was able to tweak it as the exterior changed slightly on the prop, but this one is more of a call-back to older TARDISes, and the ones available for download aren’t close enough.

So I’d like a new one. I can provide some hi-res pics to work from. Is this something that anyone would be willing to work on?

We can discuss payment, etc. Hit me up at onegemini@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!

I can help you with that. I’ll send you a private message.

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So long as we can watch!

Not to diminish REng’s income, but it might make for a fun SketchUp competition.

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OK…I’ll be the dummy. What the heck is a TARDIS?
EDIT: Obviously I am not up to speed on the Dr. Who environment.




Did you check the most liked models? Here’s a pretty good one.

There are even better TARDIS models on turbosquid.com, but they cost money. This one’s $45.
police box doctor tardis 3d model

You may want to take a look at the INSIDE too. It’s more like the StarShip Enterprise’s Bridge. Time/Space Warping.

A sketchup model for it doesn’t exist yet. Those are TARDISes, but not the newest one. They vary enough in design that the older ones can’t represent the newer one.

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I’ll send you a message.

I haven’t seen the interior of the 13th’s yet (though I suppose I will tomorrow). It isn’t as immediate a need for me.

Pics of the Central Room are pretty impressive. This link makes the project INTIMIDATING:


Ah, that’s one of the interpretations of the inside (that image has been around for 10 years). Not actually canon, and my job deals with canon. So I’ll have to wait for official materials for that.

I appreciate everyone linking me to various models and sources - but as I mentioned, no one has posted an accurate representation of the 13th Doctor’s TARDIS that I’ve been able to find. And it has to be specifically that. You may or may not see it, but these TARDIS props vary depending on Doctor, season, etc. It’s like if I had a model of a 2005 Mustang, and wanted a 2018 Mustang model, but you guys aren’t familiar with cars, so you send me a few 2007s and 2005s. I appreciate it, but I am after a certain thing, as I am working on the official comics, and while I have official refs, none are a scale model, physical or digital, and that limits my accuracy.

But, please, if someone does randomly happen upon a model that purports to be a 13th Doctor one, let me know. Thanks.

I’m traveling for now, but if you don’t get anyone look me up in a week or so.

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This a speculative Interpretation for 13th?


Interesting article here that shows the many differences in the new Tardis, at least the outside of it:


Not sure how much of the inside we will see today.

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Great stuff… I’d love to help if I can. I’ll be watching this thread to see how it goes.

@Allyson should be watching this thread, too! :smiley: