I need help, this time for a project me and my bro are wanting to bring to reality

I hate wasting time so let me get to the point.

Me and my brother wanna bring a custom-designed Media unit to reality, I already have the 3D model, however, we need to create blueprints for it, multiple blueprints so we know EXACTLY what to do and what the dimensions should be during the making of this project.

I am aware that LayOut is capable of making blueprints from 3D SketchUp models, but seeing as I don’t have LayOut and I ain’t shilling ouiut a 99AUD a year subscription for 1 project, I felt it more appropriate to HIRE someone who has LayOut and is willing to help us out.

So if you are interested in helping us out, please email me at nathanwilson@hotmail.com.au with the subject as “Blueprint Creator for Media Unit”, we will discuss cost and payment from there.

Thank you for your time.

Edit: I need to clarify, i mean I’m not shilling 99aud a year for a subscription to a program I’m most likeley only going to use once, that does not mean that’s my budget for this thing(Although my bro is hoping ultimately to keep cost to make this thing under $150AUD using MDF, but this is coming out of my pocket, not his so the cost to manufacture is not impacted at all.

I’m pretty sure anyone worth hiring for the job would cost more than 99bucks.


I might think about it for $99.50, so I am out of the bidding. But, have a look at FreeCAD. You might be able to get your blueprints (haven’t heard that term for a while) using the CAD section.

$99.50, mate, I honestly feel like being realistic, this kind of project would easily beat that number, like to give you a rough we are talking about a back wall, back sides, front sides, front panel/s, shelves, I can append a copy of the file so one could further inspect it, in fact I probably should have already done that in the intital post, in retrospect.

Keep in mind that if the major requirement is simply to determine the exact measurements of the various features and piece-parts of the object, the SketchUp Tape Measure tool will provide that for you (on a measurement-by-measurement basis, so a bit tedious for all possible features of a multi-part design). Also, the SketchUp Dimension tool will let you place persistent exact measurement “callouts” within the model for later viewing. If you and your bro are the builders, these tools might be sufficient.

On the other hand, if you wish to make plans available for other people, then a set of 2D construction drawings (as you are soliciting here) would be more appropriate.


Attached is a SketchUp model of your Media Unit (cleaned up a bit so that I could use Layout easily) and a 12-page PDF of the shop drawings.

200509A_Media_Unit_v2020_Comp_Rev1.skp (7.2 MB)

200509B_Media_Unit_Rev1.pdf (88.6 KB)

When the PDF is printed full size on A4 paper the shop drawings should be to the scale of 1mm:5mm (1:5).

Be advised the dimensions on the shop drawings are directly off the SketchUp model … so there is no allowance for door clearance, etc.


E. Godsey

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