I would pay for SketchUp Help - by way of Internet "Phone in Questions" and Answers. For a pre-agreed upon rate

Are there people here who’s know-how and abilities might be for hire? payable by PayPal - by way of teaching the answers - one question at a time.
Would you even try?
If so - please send me your bid as per (( your rate for each question’s answer “successfully taught”)). within a 1/2 hour time limit.
I’ll pay a $10 dollar fee just to begin the call - (ensuring you’ll receive ay least $10 for each 1/2 hour time limit not to be more or less than the1/2 hour of your time. (you or I just hang up - if the call isn’t being adequately financially successful at or by the end of the 1/2 hour… (or just cuz you want to)… Or; (If your time isn’t too expensive) would you work with me to design an innovative tubular greenhouse model “by internet phone”. I can explain the dimensions and materials well. If So - Please send your phenomenally low bid.- To gnormanj@hotmail.com - or “my other email address” - if it shows up here somewhere. Thanks for considering…

Hey, I would love to help you. You can PM me directly

Thanks for responding to my offer.
I may get back to you.

But may I know? - do you work for a firm or are you freelance - because there is not much money to be made on this project.

Unless you can realise the potential for making money from selling the results of your work. (because after recieving a copy of the resulting 3d rendering for my self) I’d be giving you all rights to sole ownership of the sellable plans of this very unique and specialized (for growing “even tropical” food plants in very cold climates) type modular kit building.

Also what country are you in?

I began working with someone in India and found out they were needing to drag much more funding from me - than I could supply.

I can"t spend much - only about $100 US over all.

Thanks again.

BTW where you mostly interested in the teaching me for $10 per 1/2 hour or the collaborating - while you do the rendering for the same rate - while at the end of my explaining the needed attributes for $20 PER HOUR I at the end of an hour I then Hang up while you continue working untill you are ready to show me what you have to that point.

(I prefer this method of collaboration) but you may end up with more time invested than you might get paid for.

And if it’s not getting the right results I might decide to terminate the collaboration project before we finish.

Although you could still keep what had been finnished to that point if you’d agree that I could also.

And of course I would always prepay for each hour via PayPal to your email address.

And you wouldn’t have to release the 3D file to me only screenshots of your progress.