Looking for advice on engaging a freelancer make a Sketchup of our house

Hi, we are based in Melbourne Australia and are looking to do a renovation in the future. We thought we would find someone build a model of our house and yard in Sketchup, then teach ourselves to make changes so we could experiment with different options before we start talking to architects.

Initially we just want the basic shape of the house from the outside and the landscape of the rear garden. We might add in the rooms as a phase 2. It’s a fairly basic house and yard. I’m interested in getting some idea of the cost of working with someone to put together the Sketchup. I imagine we would provide measurements of the block, the house, photos. I guess our question is - what is the usual rate (in USD) and how many ( approximately) does a Sketchup usually take? Any advice from people who have done this before would be really helpful. Then we can put a budget together and find someone.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Isn’t this the perfect challenge to build this model yourself? Start with the simple house structure. Make changes while you go, add the garden, ask a bunch of questions here (maybe even in your own WIP thread). The different change options to your house will have even more “value” since by then you already have some modeling experience. You’ll need the SketchUp experience anyway. And the program is such fun to use.
Just some thoughts

Could you provide some images of the house?

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Thanks for the reply Dan, I agree, it is a great opportunity to learn the platform using our own house - but we are in lockdown with kids, home schooling and work - so its a bit a challenge to get everything done. I thought collaborating in a hybrid model would be a good place to start, then we can take over as we learn about the platform. I’ve had a few people respond to the post which is great so I think there will be an expert out there that we can work with.
Regards, Paul.

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Hi all,

I’ve found someone from the forum who has moved forward with me on this project - and it’s all going well. Thanks to everyone who replied and DM’d me.