Looking for sketch up pro

wondering if anyone can teach me to use sketch up to do a 3D rendering of our custom build home before we break ground. Or create the plan for us. No higher than $100 USD.

Why don’t you ask your architect to show how your new home he/she designed will look like?

I’m sure the architect won’t do it for that. (making assumptions: they’ve provided plans, but no rendering).

Hils, to get more interest, some may wish to know how big a house and what kind of rendering. Also you posted in “SketchUp Free” forum, whereas you have SketchUp Pro (and so should someone doing paid work for you).

I was sort of inferring to that. $100 might buy 2-3 hours of intern-level work. Maybe enough to do a crude 3D model from a finished set of CAD working drawings. If the OP is thinking that $100 is enough for the entire architect’s fee he might be slightly mistaken.

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I was assuming it was 100USD an hour and as such wasn’t interested.

Did your similar request back in may 2019 not bear fruit?

Or the OP is a bit cheap… I understand that architects’ fees tend to be more than 0.02% of building cost.

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