Can I hire someone "here" to make individual components which I can download

Can I hire someone “here” to make “low cost” individual components which I can download to my project (such as a piece of 3\4" all-thread x 3’ long. - And corresponding coupler nut 2 1/4" long. If so what would you charge? and is PayPal acceptable. If so (if affordable) I have “possibly” many more components awaiting your virtual construction, & much more little bits of income potential for you.
Contact Fellowvillagergary on social media (or here if possible). If you might be able to help.

How much detail are you expecting? How will you use these components? I can make those sorts of components if you need them but be aware, if they are highly detailed, the geometry can cause you problems and result in huge files that may be troublesome especially in the web-based versions of SketchUp.

Example: 6mm shoulder screws.

Thanks so much for such a quick and kind reply. So where can we best communicate about prices and and details. & I need only basic detail As long as it looks like all thread from standing back at armss length it good enough I need no knurling on the head of Allen bolts type stuff.

You’d probably be better off, then with a texture instead of actual geometry. That’s easy enough that you could model those parts yourself.

Also can I give you access to the project I’m struggling through - I’m not a virtual artist of any sort but the struggling sort. And you might just think I’m never going to succeed towards making this unique idea function in real life. But that’s Okay. As long as you are affordable for someone who delivers newspapers for a living.