Live SketchUp Q&A Session, May 18th!

Hi all! I am going to be jumping on the live stream to answer your questions! Please bring more Q’s so we can find some new A’s!


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My SU Tardis model as a twisty puzzle.


I also did a dalek:


I had to do this recently. How would I easily move the square with texture on the ground to snap align to the square frame group floating in the air? I did get it down to one move and three rotate actions, but wondered if there was a quicker way, with or without an extension.

Using Move on the corners won’t work, the texture would move. Doing the move and reseting the texture won’t work, the square is part of a bigger texture.

rotatechallenge.skp (1.9 MB)


I didn’t want to even use make unique, making a component is overkill. My one move and three rotates doesn’t take as long as the going via a component way. The 3D align looked hopeful, though I didn’t yet find where to get the extension.

Fave a face in the floating rectangle and set the component to “glue to any” so there is no need to play with axis.

This is overkill:

Are you really going to discontinue the Classic License with the Maintenance Program?