Does anyone *refine* 3D models? (for money)


Hello everyone! I’m some welder that thinks he can learn how to write. I’ve got a science fiction book all full of things that will be insanely difficult to render, including massive starships! I’ve got some of them partially rendered, but I’m very entry-level and would like to boost their appearance and refinement far beyond my skills. I know when it’s time to spend money on a specialist.

Here’s the deal – I have a ship built in SketchUp, but it has some bugs and isn’t very good looking. I want to pay someone to enhance and complete it. So you’ll need texturing skills, and the ability to populate big flat empty spaces with some armor plating or power conduits or whatever you think looks good!

I’d like to start a working relationship with one person who I’ll hire for more tasks like this in the future. They’ll all take a decent amount of work and communication will be key. I want to be able to request revisions and changes, and have discussions with you about making the appearance lore-appropriate and badass. I know this sounds picky, and I’m willing to pay for it of course. I’m not sure what this kind of stuff is worth, so it’s probably better that you make the offer in terms of price. Thank you!

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I’m sure you’ll find some takers here. Make sure the person you hire to do the work is a licensed SketchUp Pro user. SketchUp Make is not licensed for commercial work so Make users would be disqualified from doing the work you are seeking.



You seem to have pre-conceived a question I was going to ask, thank you!



What’s that?



The question was going to be if I myself needed to have Sketchup Pro or not.



Assuming you intend to use images of your models in your book and you intend to sell the book, technically you need to have SketchUp Pro, too. I guess if you were hiring someone else to do all of the modeling, you don’t need to have SketchUp at all.

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There is a precedent in the advertising world - designers routinely borrow copyrighted images from wherever they can and use them in their internal presentations to clients etc., but don’t use them in anything published.

So if you use SketchUp for concept work and then hire a modeller using SketchUp Pro to complete the final published versions, that should comply with SketchUp restrictions (I am not a lawyer though).

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Let me know if you still need help. Scifi and SketchUp are my hobby and ive a long train ride to Scotland coming up with nothing to do.




Still Looking for one ? can we connect please PM your email :slight_smile: