Sci-Fi Model Madness! Live Model Today!

Sc-fi and Sci-fact!

  • Tesla Cybertruck
  • Falcon Rocket
  • Tardis
  • USS Enterprise

Hang out with us and have some fun as we model live!


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Here are the reference images Aaron will start with.

heres the several versions of the TARDIS used (Compared to a real Police Box)

I was thinking, if you run out of time you could do the Tardis last. That way you can model it tomorrow, and still include it in today’s live stream.

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The Cybertruck must already have been designed with SketchUp.

Falcon 9 boosters

Image for the landing legs!

Landing legs folded

Does this help you?

Just a little something, please, don’t get mad

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BIG image of the tardis - sides look similar!

The sign

Top words!

  • you’ve beaten me to it - been distorting in Photoshop!

My SU model from 2011!

St. Johns sign