Worried about uploading my .CSV with some fields incorrect

I downloaded my warehouse’s .CSV so I could edit the tags in bulk. I’m noticing now that the column “SketchUp Filename” is completely blank, even though I do have SketchUp files uploaded for every model. I’ve also noticed that the “Information URL” column contains URLs that don’t match the URLs I put into those models—for example, it shows my plain domain instead of the specific /products/productname navigation.

If I upload this CSV, will it make changes to things that were not edited by me on this file, or will it only change the tags that I edited? I have about 270 models, I want to be extremely careful about this.

Have you taken a look at this help page ?

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Yes, and it is very thorough, but I didn’t see anything about fields exporting as blank despite the catalog having that information.

It will only update an sketchupfile if you set the action to update, it doesn’t need a sketchupfile if you are not gonna update it, it is already there. You might wanna try adding a small collection, just download an empty .csv( the option left ) and upload one collection with some models. You will soon get the hang of it.

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Ohhh, phew. I didn’t realize that the “update” action would not influence the uploaded file. Thank you, I will test it on a small sample to make sure I know what I’m doing before I do the whole thing.

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Hey @VisaLighting, You should not need to worry about the SketchUp Filename field. That field is for you to fill out ONLY IF you want to update the SketchUp file associated with a given model. In this case, it appears you do not want to change the model files; only the tags.

What @MikeWayzovski said was basically correct, in that the SketchUp file won’t be updated unless you provide it. However, providing “update” in the action field WILL overwrite other fields, such as tags, description, etc. when you make edits in those fields. If you didn’t make any changes to a field, it won’t change anything in your 3DW content.

I am somewhat concerned that your information URLs are not showing up properly. Perhaps you can email me your .CSV file so I can take a look before you upload. I sent you a message with my contact info.

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