3D Warehouse upload from within SketchUp does nothing

Hi Guys, I’m sure this has been addressed and a link to the solution will satisfy my wish.

I am trying to upload models to the 3D Warehouse direct from withing Sketchup Pro 2018 and I get a screen (same as below) telling me to “save the model”, which I do, the same screen appears and when I click on the upload arrow I am prompted to “purge unused” which I do but then all I get is the same “blank(ish) screen” where nothing happens.

I don’t seem to be able to even access any models in the 3D warehouse with the version of SketchUp I am using.

Your profile says you are using 2018. The 3D Warehouse doesn’t support that version anymore.

Thanks Dave… I was thinking along those lines but I’m hopeless with search engines and couldn’t get a positive hit.
I have found that I can upload using the internet so I have a workaround, even though it’s a tad more hassle.

I’m big into puzzles and wanted to upload a swag to the WH, in case people are interested… many blogs on the internet but few with free SketchUp models (which have inherent measurements) that can easily be resized to suit… I usually laser cut so I’m less concerned with discreet measurements.


This article may be out of date, I’m not sure, but worth checking out:

It was/is a way for people to upload bulk content to 3D Warehouse.

Depending on what you have to upload, @TheGuz may be curious about your models.

Thanks for the info colin, though I may have taken liberties when I said a swag… I was only looking at a couple but even a few was a pain having to load up through the internet and search for the upload directory/file in my disorganised storage, rather than directly from the model being processed… call me lazy.

For @TheGuz (or anyone interested in Puzzles), I was planning to upload some of my vehicle modes (and a few puzzles) to the 3D warehouse, however, I do hate duplicating.

I have a swag (that word again) of puzzles uploaded to my cloud storage at,
Puzzles - pCloud

A number of screen dumps of the above puzzles (SketchUp or CorelDraw) have been “catalogued” in the PDF’s at this link,
$Available Puzzles - Last Updated (2022-10-28) - pCloud

Most puzzles start off in SketchUp then transgress through Layout > PDF> CorelDraw > Laser/Timber.
Th “Standard” puzzles come in larger sizes and better presented while the miniatures are designed to laser cut in bulk, bag and a freebie giveaway (with little additional processing effort).