Working with, chromebook and 3 finger swipe



I am initiating a switch from 2017 on my Mac to on my Samsung Chromebook. I would like to know how to deactivate the 3 finger swipe action that defaults to Chrome tab scrolling so that I can use that action to control the orientation tool instead. How do I proceed?


That’s interesting considering how much less capable my.Sketchup is than SU2017 right now.

As for disabling the 3-finger swipe, if it can be done, I expect you’ll need to set that up in the OS preferences. Are there options in the OS preferences for controlling gestures?


The SketchUp that is used inside does not listen for three finger swipe. If your operating system for example emits “middle click” whenever you tap with three fingers, SketchUp hears “middle click” and orbits. By disabling your operating system’s default gesture action, there won’t be any action anymore!


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