Pinch/expand on touchscreen in Orbit mode

Hi all,

i got sketchup 2023 installed after the warehouse was no longer available in pro2021 (EU, the Netherlands).

But within the new 2023 version i cannot figure out how to ‘activate’ pinch/expand/ Zoom in/out with two fingers on the touchscreen, when in Orbit mode.

(I checked in pro 2021 on the same laptop, it works then. I used it very very often, so i would like to be able to use it in the 2023 version. )

Who knows how to be able to zoom with 2 fingers on the touchschreen, when in Orbit (O) mode? it does work on the touchpad, but not on touchscreen.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


ping @Mark @Gopal

They are leads on: A new SketchUp Labs project: Trackpad Navigation

(I am not sure this feature has been migrated to the Desktop editions yet.)