Pinch to zoom issue

Hello to all users, does anyone know where the pinch-to-zoom function on touchscreens has gone?..haven’t seen it since 2023, thanks for any advice. win11/sketchup2024

I have to ask, do you have a touch screen?
You question is quite vague and there could be a variety of answers depending on hardware and software. I have pinch to zoom on win11, ipad and perhaps android but I can’t think last time I tried.

it works for me here on my track pad - I was under the impression it was a function of the operating system or trackpad software.

I suspect the same would apply to touchscreens for general interaction

i´m running win10 on a surface pro 4, pinch to zoom on the screen works with sketchup2021, but not with Versions 2023/2024

in 2023 SU for PC changed its framework, the tool to make the whole interface.

The “new” one is QT, the old one was, I think, the native windows framework.
That could explain it, the old interface interacted with windows touch commands because they were “default” commands, while with QT it might be needed to add / program all that.

or something completely unrelated. just adding a couple of cents to the convo :wink: