SketchUp 'mobile' mode for Tablet PC / Touch Screens

My feature request is for SketchUp Pro Desktop to work like SketchUp for iOS (iPad or iPhone) when my PC is in Tablet mode. I have a Surface Laptop Studio and when the screen is flipped to Tablet mode, I was expecting to be able to navigate the model with my fingers using pinch-zoom, and one-finger orbit. It is nearly impossible to navigate the model otherwise when in tablet mode without a keyboard and mouse (cumbersome at best). Even when not in tablet mode, it would be very useful to utilize the touch screen to pinch-zoom and one-finger orbit. Has anyone else run into this issue?
Alternately, a separate application/viewer for PC tablet would be useful for when I take my Tablet PC and SketchUp model to the jobsite in lieu of having the ‘mobile’ functionality included with the desktop version. Incorporating it into the desktop version would be ideal (one less application to download/manage).