Working on the cloud or not with Layout and large file

Hi, I have some hard time findingthe right work flow, when saving large file. Shall i use the cloud, or its risky and lonnnnger?
what your recomendation? working on hard disk / cloud? or between?
Thanks, Alain

Best is to save locally (internal drive) and then if you need to store the file in the cloud, upload it separately. DO Not save directly to a cloud location and work on the file from there.

If you have very large files, you should be asking, “Why are they huge?” Perhaps there is unused content that needs to be purged. Perhaps you are using excessively large, hi-poly components and/or excessively large texture images. Cleaning up your model may help.

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Saving and editing a file on anything except a local drive brings a risk of fatal damage from network glitches that SketchUp does not handle correctly. One may get away with cloud or NAS for a long time and then mysteriously get an unusable skp file. We see multiple posts every day from people who ignored this guidance. It just isn’t worth the risk of losing your work!

In addition, unless you have an exotically fast network, reading and writing to the cloud is slow compared to a local drive, especially an SSD.

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Thanks Dave, you and your team are doing am amasing work.

Ok , then what happen when i work on the file on the road: I save it on my laptop, and after i do that, i will i have to update the cloud file, and of course the desktop file, as i will certainly work home next.

So that become pretty quicly a mess difficult to track. Particularly when you are working on big project that growth faster than any beautiful flower.

So what would be the best workflow process to set up, in your opinion?

Thanks again, u r the best!

You’re welcome. I sometimes talk to myself but I’ve never thought of myself as a team. :smiley:

Are you still using SketchUp 2018 as indicated in your profile? If so, download your SketchUp file to your computer before you open it. Make changes and save them to the file you downloaded. Only update back to the cloud when you are finished working on the file for the time being. Don’t work directly on the file saved to the cloud and save yourself problems.

If you are using the current version of SketchUp you should be using your Trimble Connect storage. Then when you open a file from there it is first downloaded to your computer and saved in a temporary folder. Saves and autosaves are made to the folder and when you are ready you can publish your model back to your Trimble Connect storage. That eliminates the issue you’ve had. With Trimble Connect you automatically get history of your files so you can go back to earlier versions if needed.