Working on a model for school and it suddenly disappeared


Can anyone help, very new to SketchUp and forums too.

I was working on a model for class and all the work has disappeared?

can anyone help?



I uploaded the file to 3D warehouse, is that helpful?



Camera > Zoom Extents.

Save at least one Scene (with camera location saved) to quickly get back to a good modeling view if and when you zoom to a distant view.

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After you hit Zoom Extents, you might consider moving the copy back closer to the one at the origin.

Also, if you leave the axes turned on, they can help you get oriented when you lose your way.

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Plus you are using layers incorrectly.

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Could you enlighten me on layers a little?

Get a little confused of where to put what on which layer and more often then not things end up on certain layers through absent mindedness.


Thank You!

total novice, appreciate the help

You may find this article helpful.

Layers in SU do NOT work the same way as in CAD programs.