Working cogs/gears etc

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Are there any extensions/plugins that can model gears which will interact with each other so a rotation applied to one will be transferred to another?



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I’me sure I’ve seen a similar thread around here at some point, I’ll take a look.

meanwhile, these are the two online tools I’ve found over the years.

Edit : yeah, several topics, a quick search gives them all :

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Native SketchUp has no kinematics or collision-detection features that would be helpful for actually simulating the motion of all the stages in a gear train. You can use an extension such as Animator by @Fredo6 (available on the SketchUcation extension store) to manually animate the coupled motion of the gears in a gear train, I’ve done it a few times.

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I wish the MS Pyhisics plugin could be used on newer versions of skp, it had a lot of cool features. Sadly the 2017 version was the last supported, maybe something happened to the developer. The only plugin I know that has some physics simulations capabilities is clothworks but it’s not even close to the capabilities of MS Physics.

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It was developed by @Anton_S. He had stated he would not further the development. One of his later works is Clothworks.

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Sad news, I hope some developer could take over it or make a similar extension from scratch, I would do it but I know nothing about programming. I used to have a lot of fun with MS Pysics, making racing tracks and playing with a drivable car from sketchup was one of my favorite hobbies, also the ability to control the path of a camera and where to focus was extremely useful, you could avoid going through walls and the speed of the animation.

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